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  1. Did you know that Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system which means it is the king of the planets. Did you know that there are eight planets in our solar system and pluto is not a planet any more.

  2. I have learnt that there has been a really big storm on Jupiter the storm is bigger than the Earth this storm is called the red spot it has been going on for a very long time. I have also learnt that there are more than 67 moons in Jupiter.

  3. i have learnt that if you go to jupiter you will beacuse of the air there however if you do make it there you will not survive because it is made of gas so you will go right through it.

  4. i have learnt that there is a Satalight called Juno who studies Jupiter. He made it to Jupiter last year(2016) July 4TH and has been studying Jupiter ever since. it took Juno 2 years to land on Jupiter.

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