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  1. mr sellit was a drunk man who wanted to be drunk man who always bes drunk he went to the pub he was so drunk he ongoing people by nokcing drinks over avengally he got kicked out.

  2. I love the Abby because it is very fun to by playing in. Also the are some shops are there to bay some things . The risen we went there is to find more information about marder .

  3. Hi Miss Thomson, I loved it when we went to Kirkstal Abbey and my faviroute part was when we got to solve the mystery and the murder was Mr Floggit it was hard but I got the hang of it .

  4. Hi miss Thomson i love the work but it is less maths they is lots of English and I loved the trip to kirkstall Abby meuseum it was my favourite. I love the part were we solved the mystery. THANK YOU

    By Aaishah

  5. I loved the park but it was very bad we didn’t get a chance to play however it was very fun when we played outside after lunch and especially when we were solving all those cases. Remember when we solved the cases that was the best. Did you like it when we were solving cases.

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